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How to Bee Fat!


FAT??? I know.

If we could consume the Word of God like we do our natural food the Angels would have to move over for us. I get it. It's hard to read and study and consume the scriptures like we really need to. I don't always choose right. I just want to encourage each of us to be fat in the spirit. If someones pokes you in the wrong place, in your feelings, that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will be what comes forth. It doesn't just automatically happen. What ever you been feeding on will come to the surface. I wanted to share Day 1 of my new devotional I'm working on. This is unedited and not proofed yet.

God bless!

Day 1

 Psalm 92: 14. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing; 

Since fruit is the first word that’s what we will hone in on the first ten days. Like I shared in the introduction, fruit is to eat. Also we are gleaning the spiritual side of the Word. I love how God will compare spiritual things to natural things. Why? We are human, for the most part it helps us to compare what God is really wanting to relay to us. Once a fruit tree starts producing you can harvest this fruit for years. Each year the tree has to be nurtured and protected from the elements of the weather. People that own fruit trees and make a living from them will be more intentional about taking care of them. We, as God's fruit trees, must also take much thought and care for the end result. Unlike the natural trees we must produce year round. We need to have fruit available at all times. Sometimes we are the ones that are in need of encouragement. We need to be inspired. No matter which side you are on, let’s be intentional about producing the fruit of the spirit. You never know when someone will take a bite. Will it be sweet and satisfying or bitter and leave a bad taste.


Dear God, I am your fruit tree. Others will look to me for good fruit. They will need a word of encouragement. They will need strength. A word in due season. Help me to always have something for my brother or sister in the lord. I know that the fruit I produce is for others. Help me to grow in the fruit of the spirit. Joy, peace, longsuffering are just a few that I should bare. Thank You for the Word, I can glean from it and stay nourished that I can be fruitful. Amen

Bee Fruitful

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