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Devotional #7 in series of 12

Day 23

 Psalm 92:13

 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. 

The tree doesn’t get to choose where it’s planted. Either God has planted it and the natural reproduction as manifested or man will plant it. The plant doesn’t uproot itself and decide to move. This may be one of the choices that we get to make. This verse let’s us know that it matters where we are planted. Planted means there are roots. We know that roots are the conduit for the life of the plant or tree. Just going to a church doesn’t mean you are planted there. It’s beyond the physical part. There has to be a relationship with the Lord. That is when you are planted. When we stay planted in the Lord the flourishing will be part of our fruit. It will be evident that we are connected to the life giver. Flourishing shows up in our everyday life. Kindness, gentleness, compassion are a few of the fruits that will flourish in our life. Plant yourself in God’s plan. 


God , You were so merciful to us. We are the only creatures that get to choose where we will be planted. I know that man has messed with the process of nature. God forgive us for trying to speed up or even create a false narrative of what people may see, all in the name of mammon. Help me to stay planted in the place You want me. I want the fruit that others see to be flourishing in Your courts. In Your plan. In Your Kingdom. As I flourish I will be a light in the darkness. I will be a drink to a thirsty soul. I will have words of encouragement to those that are discouraged. I am planted in You. I am flourishing. Amen.

Bee Flourishing

Working on #7 devotional in a series of 12 ( goal )

Hoping to get 3 done this year.

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