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Have you ever wanted to write a book and don't know where to start? These self-publishing and writing tips will save you so much time and money if you are willing to apply them. The author, Sheila Textor, has self-published two books, and this ebook will help you move forward and keep you from making the same mistakes she did. Writing and publishing are truly a learn-as-you-go process, but you can be ahead of other first-time authors out there with these tips. Inside this digital book, you will find ways to market your book before it is finished and how to make your cover the hook that makes readers open their wallets to purchase your book. Want to see the difference between showing not telling? Do you wonder where to begin? Will you need your own ISBN? These questions and so much more are answered right here in this little short read. Do you value your time? This will be one of the greatest investments you make. The content in this digital read will have you way ahead of the rest of the newbies out there in the writing world.

How to Be a Writer

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