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When I Lay My Ishmael Down

Gen. 21:11 And the thing was very grievous in Abraham's sight because of his son.


The story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Issac is a classic. Seems like there was no struggle when God told him to take Issac and offer him as a sacrifice. You can read both accounts of Ishmael and Issac. Ishmael was from his own efforts. His own desires to make something happen that God had promised. In the featured scripture it lets us know that it grieved Abraham to send Hagar and his son away.

let's bring this same scenario into our own life. When we have executed our plan. We made it happen. We made the doors open. We have success on every hand. We labored for months, even years to make this thing happen. Then God nudges us and tells us to lay it all down. That he has a plan, a door that only he can open. A road that he wants you on. It doesn't look nothing like the bling and blang that you already got going on. Can we lay our plan down? Can we lay our Ishmael down?

In 2021 God gave me a word to keep my sails trimmed, but to keep the fan unplugged. Stay ready to sail. Work within my boundries. Don't try to make my own way. I needed to leave that in his hands.

I was asking, seeking, and knocking like the Bible says. Calling libraries, the local book stores to set up book signing events. Nothing was happening. No one would really give me a date etc. Then God let me know, keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking. Do it in silence. Do it in my prayer closet. Leave everything else to him. I'm still just moving at God's pace. In june of this year 2023 He plugged up the fan ( let the wind began to blow my sails). He has let me move forward with my website and continue writing.

I had to lay down my own will, my own plan, my own Ishmael and wait on Issac.

My life is complete with God as my guide. Things are no where near where I feel like God is taking it. I will keep moving forward. Listening for His instructions. One day my Issac will be fulfilled and it will all belong to God. He will get all the glory. Amen.

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Thank You God Bless

Sheila Textor


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