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Meet Victory

I have been growing in the writing journey. I have used online bee designs and have had a few designed for the ministry. Each season has caused me to reevaluate my designs etc. With the nudge of my editor/coach I have sought out a new bumblebee. Her name is Victory. She will be featured in my devotionals moving forward. With the new design there will come more opportunities for promoting and marketing the Bee Ministries. My journey has changed several times along the way. That's ok because I'm growing and trying different things. We choose to call her Victory because that's the goal of this ministry is to teach others how to live the life of victory all through reading and learning God's Word.

God bless! If you want to support me in any way you can buy me a coffee in the link on the home page. You can purchase my books from amazon or you can message me and I can hook you up as well.


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