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Life is About Changes!

Hebrew 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday , and to day and forever (KJV)

Nothing never stays the same in our lives. The only sure thing that never changes is God. Every day we are getting closer to our departure date. Every year we get older. We lose love ones. We see heartache and pain, in some form or another.

This is one reason I love the BumbleBee metaphor. He shouldn't be able to fly but he flys anyway. We have to bee intentional about how we move through out our days.

The last year has been a difficult year. We closed our church plant that we had labored in for over 5 years. We just wasn't growing and felt that we needed to make sure our teenagers were involved in the Kingdom work. Life happens and things change. We moved back to our home town to be close to our children and my Husband's mom. We are remodeling the house we bought. We have some belongings in storage, some in our house. Living in one part while we continue to work on the rest. As a woman we know that can be overwhelming.

Through the good, bad and ugly God is faithful and good. I have found that I have to be intentional about being grateful. Nothing is the way I would like it right now. I'm alive and I'm healthy and in my right mind. I will ride out this season with an attitude of gratitude.

I plan on writing a stand alone book soon. The more that happens it just adds to my content. Thanks for reading this far. I just wanted to let everyone know that no matter how life looks now just keep believeing that God is going to come through and do what he said he would do.

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