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There is no reason we can’t be courageous, confident, and consistent in our daily walk with God. You will find each one of these actions in stories and promptings throughout the Bible. Even though courageous is the first action, consistency will be the key behind the other two. Consistency in any area will bring about confidence in whatever you are endeavoring to accomplish. The more you grow in an area, gaining confidence through consistency and practice, the more courageous you will become. God commands Joshua to be courageous. For God to choose Joshua to be Moses successor he had to have been consistent in following his leader. No doubt he showed confidence and courage to step up in that position. When we read the Bible we need to realize that it is our example. If it made it into the most read book in the world then it is definitely something we need to learn.

Be consistent in your prayer time. Be consistent reading the Bible. Don’t let it intimidate you. There are many ways to get the Word in your heart. You have to choose what works for you. I’ve never been one to set a yearly reading plan. I listen to hours of teaching, preaching and bible studies. When I hear something that pricks my heart or causes me to pay attention I will look up those scriptures and let God minister to me.

The more knowledgeable you are of the Word, the more confidence you will have. I am a very confident person. Some will scuf at you but don't be moved by their insecurities. My confidence comes from meditating night and day in the Word. My flesh is weak, but I don't let my flesh rule me. As your confidence grows, so will your courage.

We know the saying, “Courage is not the absence of fear. It moves forward despite the fear.” We need a healthy fear. The world as we once knew it no longer exists. The days of traveling by ourselves or morning walks no longer feel safe. We can’t allow the enemy to reign over us with fear mongering. He will drive us into isolation. Then he begins to attack weak areas in our lives. This courage that comes from God comes through the Spirit. The courage to write that book, to write that song, to start that business. The courage to step up and lead others. The courage to speak into people's lives and change the direction they are headed. We need courage to walk out the calling that God has placed on our life. God says in the Word be strong and of good courage.

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