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Bee A Palm Tree!

Insert from the How to Be Fruitful, Fat, and Flourishing!

Part 3 Flourishing



Day 22

 Psalm 92:12

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 

The palm tree is straight and tall. It can grow 30 to 50 feet tall. That is pretty impressive. Palm trees can live hundreds of years. Even though as humans our life expectancy usually doesn't exceed past a 100. There are few exceptions. The comparison of trees to our own lives is one of hope and victory. The palm tree can weather many storms and still keep standing. It can continue to flourish. Florida is known for its palm trees. It’s also known for hurricanes. Which allows this tree of wonder to almost touch the ground without breaking. No wonder God uses it in comparison to our life with him. The cedars in Lebanon were the best of the best. These trees are often spoken of when building projects where to take place in the Bible. They had qualities that would out last generations. We are made righteous by Christ. Let’s flourish and grow in God’s kingdom. 


God, I get so excited when I see the gifts that You instilled in me. The gift to reach higher heights and deeper depths. You compare me to the palm tree. I can grow tall and strong. I can bend when the enemy blows his furious wind. I can bounce back with the understanding of Your Word. I will flourish even in the midst of the storm. God when Your building a work for the Kingdom I want You to be able to use me like the cedars of Lebanon. That I will be a witness to others that are going through the worst times of their lives. Thank You for being my help, my strength in my times of trouble. I will flourish. Amen

Bee Flourishing

Sheila Textor


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